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Painting by Alison Dinardi  "Circles of Love"

In Our 21st Year!


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 Audio Links to Our Talks

What Does Science of Mind Say About God?
Audio for Jan 16 2022, Connee Chandler RScP

What is the Vision For Your Life?
Audio for Jan 2 2022, Gail Renwick RScP

Audio for Dec. 19, Kailey Krystyniak
| Music: Ed Surma

Practical Suggestions
Audio for Dec. 5, Connee Chandler RScP

Designing a New Life
Audio for Nov 19, Gail Renwick, RScP

Facing Facts
Audio for Nov 7,
Kailey Krystyniak

Using What You Know
Audio for Oct 17,  Rev. Dr. Laurie Bolster

The Larger Life
Audio for Oct 3,  Rev. Denise Judd, RScP

Mental Growth
Audio for Sept 19,  Gail Renwick, RScP

The Human Equation 
Audio for Sept 5,  Dr. David Wember
| Meditation Music

The Human Equation
Audio for Aug 15, Connee Chandler, RScP

The Power of Love
Audio for Aug 1, Judy Oliver, RScP

A Look at the Future
Audio for July 18, 
Kailey Krystyniak

The Abundant Universe
Audio for July 4, 
Rev. Dr. Laurie Bolster

Successful Living
Audio for June 20, 
Connee Chandler, RScP

You Live Today
Audio for June 6, 
Dr. David Wember

A New Outlook
Audio for May 16, 
Rev. Dr. Laurie Bolster

You are Creative
Audio for May 2, 
Rev. Denise Judd   |  Ed Surma-Bowls Meditation

Learn to Think Big
Audio for Apri1 18, 
Kailey Krystyniak

Discovering Yourself
Audio for Apri1 4, 
Connee Chandler RScP

Great Possibilities
Audio for Mar 21,  2021
Gail Renwick RScP

Your New Freedom
Audio for Mar 7,  2021
Judy Oliver RScP

Your New Freedom
Audio for Feb 21,  2021
Rev. Dr. Laurie Bolster

Don’t Limit Yourself
Audio for Feb 7,  2021
Kailey Krystyniak

Adventures in Thinking
Audio for Jan. 17,  2021 Gail Renwick, RScP

New Thoughts for Old
Audio for Jan. 3,  2021 Connee Chandler, RScP

Our Life is God’s Life
Audio for Dec. 20,  2020 Judy Oliver, RScP

A Science of Religion and a Religion of Science
Audio for Dec. 6,  2020 Rev. Dr. Laurie Bolster

Life Loves and Gives
Audio for Nov 15,  2020 Connee Chandler, RScP

A Sensible Viewpoint for Today’s World
Audio for Nov 1,  2020 Gail Renwick, RScP

Controlling Conditions
Audio for Oct 18, 2020 
Jenn Fay RScP

Better Living – Now!
Audio for Oct 4, 2020 
Laurie Bolster

Healing the Sick
Audio for Sept. 20, 2020 
Dr. David Wember

Spiritual Growth
Audio for Sept. 6, 2020 
Connee Chandler, RScP

The Universal Mind
Audio for August 16, 2020 
Gail Renwick, RScP

Finding Life’s Riches
Audio for August 2, 2020 
Kailey Krystyniak

God is Personal
Audio for July 19, 2020  Connee Chandler RScP

The Personality of Value
Audio for July 5, 2020  Judy Oliver RScP

The End of Discord and Only One God
Audio for June 21, 2020  Jenn Fay RScP

The Power of Directed Emotions
Audio for June 6, 2020  Judy Oliver RScP

The Power of Directed Emotions
Audio for June 6, 2020  Judy Oliver RScP

The Kingdom of Heaven
Audio for May 17, 2020
Gail Renwick, RScP

You’re in Charge!
Audio for May 5, 2020
Kailey Krystyniak

Eternal and Immortal
Audio for April 19, 2020 Connee Chandler, RScP

Your Thinking and Finances
Audio for Mar. 1, 2020 Mary Rose Roberts

Indestructible and Absolute
Audio for Feb. 16, 2020 
Connee Chandler, RScP

Your Mind…Your Health
Audio for Feb. 2, 2020 
Kailey  Krystyniak

Belief in God and How to Give a Spiritual Mind Treatment
Audio for Jan. 19, 2020  Gail Renwick, RScP

Your Dreams can Come True!
Audio for Jan. 5, 2020  Judy Oliver, RScP


Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind, teaches that it is ‘done unto us as we believe.’

Therefore, the most important work we can do to change our lives is to examine our beliefs and cultivate more expansive ideas.  Science of Mind (SOM) is both a day to day philosophy of life, and a spiritual path for those who are not already following one.

Religious Science blesses all churches and ways of Spirit, knowing there is a right path for everyone.  God is infinite, so we know God encompasses Truth interpreted in many different ways.  SOM appeals to those who wish to understand the underlying Law which governs the Universe and use it in their daily lives. 

This philosophy supports the understanding that God is Love.  We “Practice the Presence of God” through prayer and meditation, staying open to personal spiritual experiences.  We believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than human beings having a spiritual experience.

Science of Mind is about opening hearts and transforming lives, one gentle step at a time.

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