Spiritual Partnership

by Connee Chandler

You wouldn’t want someone to settle for you, would you?

Don’t settle!


Explore how good it is possible to feel with this particular person.

Every single person is a mixture of that which you want and the lack of it 

– just as you are!  

On a tape, Abraham said:

There is not a pile of good guys and bad guys. Just a pile of guys. (And you know by guys we mean guys and girls...)  Law of Attraction determines what part of each you get. Focus on yourself. Trust the Universe, not the individuals.

If you are in a beginning relationship and you are not sure he/she is “the one”:

  1. Assume for now he or she is not “the one."
  2. Turn your focus away from him or her and onto your feelings. Find thoughts that feel good about anything at all.
  3. Focus on building the field or the feeling of a wonderful relationship rather than the form of the person you are to be with.
  4. Relationships built on vision always needs to be approached in this way, and it doesn’t stop when you meet “the one.”
  5. Do positive aspects of the one you are with now.
  6. Appreciate something about everyone you meet of the same sex
    as your partner, expand that to every person you meet of either sex.
  7. Go back in your memory and do positive aspects of each of the partners you have had before.
  8. Practice just being loving. Love that painting, this piece of music, root beer, your garden, the baby in front of you in the grocery store line. Become a better lover.
  9. Trust the Universe and your feelings first, other people second.
  10. Be aware of all the love already in your life. Cultivate it and honor it, knowing you will still continue giving and feeling this love even after you have the mate you want.
  11. Watch out for happy couples everywhere you go. Appreciate what they can add to your knowing of what you want in your relationship. Say, “Manager, I’ll have some of that, please…”
  12. Notice that your life becomes full of happy, loving people because that is what you are.
  13. From this place of being happy and loving, and surrounded by happy, loving people, assume that whoever the Universe brings you *is* perfect, at least for now. If you perceive him or her as less than perfect, consider that it may be your perception rather than a flaw in him or her. Then go back to step 2 and start again!

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