Spacious Heart, Spacious Mind.

by Connee Chandler

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My guidance right now tells me to focus on the feeling of spacious heart - spacious mind. To imagine the feeling of expanding heart and mind for the leaders of the world, for the generals and the soldiers, the people in my country and all countries, for the many people who are working and praying for peace and anyone else who comes to mind. It is clear to me that this is my work.

Is it everyone's work? I don't think so. Some people are spending their time running corporations in accord with their guidance, or making widgets, others are cleaning their houses or someone else's. Some are rocking babies or making soup. Some are planning strategies of war.

Is it my work to oppose any of them? My guidance says no - for me, I was told clearly in meditation that "the need for battle is an illusion." My work is to bless them all and to imagine them powerfully in touch with their own guidance and connection. Is that everyone's guidance as to their work? I don't think so. My work is to pray for all beings to do their work with ease and joy. Is that everyone's work? Clearly not, at least not so far.

When Joan of Arc took up the sword and led France to victory in battle, had she lost touch with her guidance? When the Upanishads and the Veda say to go to war with a peaceful heart, knowing that life is eternal, have they lost touch with their guidance? When David took up the stone to defeat Goliath, had he taken leave of that light of peace inside him or was he following its clear path? Is going to war always wrong? Is seeking peace always right? Are there times when people are perfectly guided to both, on all sides?

I simply don't know.

I am here to do *my* work, to follow my guidance. Sometimes my work seems ever so passive, in a world geared up for so much action.

Yet perhaps, to rest in peace, while still living(!), is among the grandest work it is possible to do. To breathe easily, in and out, feeling quiet in the heart and quiet of the mind, to bless all peoples with unconditional love and extraordinary respect. Perhaps even to trust that each is playing his part perfectly for now, and that if I'd prefer to see some of the roles shift, the only consciousness I can truly influence is my own, and so go back and find my spacious heart... my open mind.


So, here I share the process I personally use to come to that place of spacious heart and spacious mind. If it is your work to go to that place too, I invite you to join with me in that beautiful space of openness, freedom and peace, and then imagine others feeling that, too. You may use my taped message, (Click on link to hear it), or simply meet me there in consciousness.

If this is not your work, I bless you in the work that you are called to do, and trust that my blessing will help you do it well and with greater ease.