Using Negative Emotion as Guidance



Abraham teaches us to use our negative emotion as guidance, to appreciate and honor its value in our lives.


For example, someone is in a relationship that feels like it is going sour.  Here’s a possible internal dialog which illustrates what to do with the negative emotion in order to use it as guidance.


Ok, this feels BAD!!!  Yuck, pew-ey, gag!  (Up to 15 seconds of disgusting sounds here...)  <grin>     


So, that is what I don't want.  Yet, Abraham teaches that in everything in the Universe there is that which I want and the lack of it.  [Take a deep breath and look for a thought that feels better.  This is the pivotal moment, where I shift from feeling like a victim to remembering I am always at choice.]  That means, in relationship, there is that which I want and the lack of it.  I am seeing clearly what I don't want, which means I know more clearly what I do want if I am willing to focus there.


Let's see.  How could I do that?  Well, I am feeling out of control.  What is it I do want?  I know I do want to feel in control.  Yet, it isn't my job to control other people.  However, it is my job to control how I feel.  How could I think about relationships and feel good?  Well, I have loving relationships with lots of friends and family members that feel good.  I am grateful for the blessing of people I love in my life.  I appreciate having the feeling of my heart open in appreciation.  I love loving, and being loved.  Hmmm, that feels better.  Relationships can feel pretty good.


Yet, now that I am connected, I want to go back and poke THAT one with a stick...


No, I don't think I'll do that right now.  I think I will think about what kind of relationship I really Do want...


I want a relationship that feels expansive.  I want to look at my beloved and feel my heart leap with joyful appreciation.  I want to feel sensual and warm and trusting and open when we are together.  I want to look at her/him with extraordinary respect and caring.  I love feeling cared for and appreciated.  I love seeing the glowing face of my beloved in the sunlight and the moonlight and the candle light.  I love feeling his/her skin in the dark.  I love experiencing the fun that we have together, and laughing with great joy at his/her wit.  I feel the blessing of our time together and I give thanks every day for our wonderful connection, to each other, and to Source through each other.  Yes, that is what I want. 


Manager, please make it so, with this one or someone even better.  I trust that my relationship with this one is eternal and filled with love at the level of our Inner Beings.  I know that the beauty of this relationship endures, whether it continues on this physical plane in this lifetime or not.  We will always be lovers at the level of Spirit energy - which is the Ultimate Truth of who we are.  So I can let go and let the Fairies of the Universe unfold something beautiful here - both for me and for her/him.  We are each magnificent beings of light, and whether we belong in this particular relationship to each other, or some other permutation of connection in this time/space reality, I can still bring extraordinary respect and unconditional love to this person/Being of light.


Hmmm, that feels good to me.  My love is so broad and deep and real that it transcends time and space.  That is the love of God, expressing through me.  It is infinite.  It's expression is the core experience of my life and all life.  That feels pretty good.  I guess I am growing in my capacity to love if I can even let go with love.  What if what I let go of returns to me?  That would be cool, too.


This is a win-win here.  I either get this person in a truly exquisite relationship, or I get to love this person forever, and have a truly exquisite relationship with someone who suits my current vibration even better here and now.  I can get into that...


And so it is!

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