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Perfect Questions

Answering even one “Life Enhancing Question” can change a day.  Just one small positive change each day in a series of days will change a life.  In fact, taking this “next gentle step approach” has changed my life dramatically for the better.

 I’ve been experimenting with two Life Enhancing Questions, one for first thing in the morning, and one for the end of each day. 

When I wake up, I ask myself, “Where do I stand now, as I look ahead to this day?"

For example, one Thursday morning I asked myself this question about where I was standing.  I stood looking at a day where I was a bit worried about a new workshop I was going to introduce on Sunday.  I hadn't completed all the details of the handout and schedule yet.  Then, realizing that I didn't want to stand in worry, I chose to uplift my thought about where I stood.

I began by saying, "I stand as a child of the Universe, a being of light.  I see before me a powerful opportunity to give a workshop to encourage  people to know themselves more clearly as divine beings.  I am clear minded and exquisitely guided to know exactly what to do, today, tomorrow and in each moment of the workshop to bring my most connected, loving energy to the people who come.  The workshop is drawing to it wonderful beings, multidimensional beings!  There will be extraordinary physical participants, fabulous angels, charming fairies of the Universe, many creative lights and powers and wonders.  The six people who have signed up so far are among the most connected, amazingly aware folks I know on this planet.  Every one of these beings, physical and nonphysical, who is coming is already drawing life force through me now, inspiring me to the perfect decisions about what to offer.  I am free to make changes to the plan even in the moment of the workshop based on the perfect combination of energies present there.  There will be grace there attracting incredible experiences of ecstasy, peace and joy. Everything I need to know is here for me now.  It is already done, and it is not only good, it is magnificent!"

Now, that was a life-affirming, life-enhancing question for me!  What a shift in focus to start my day.   I know my creativity is greatly amplified by consciously standing in the divine flow.

Then I created an equally life enhancing question for the end of the day.

As I go to bed at night, I ask myself:  In what way was this day perfect?

This is another energy flowing question!  It presumes this day is perfect.  Every day is God expressing, so it is, by definition, perfect.  Asking myself this question in this way automatically puts me in the place of uplifting my consciousness to the divine plane of my being.  I can find perfection in my happiness of that day.  Or I may find perfection in an experience of giving to a loved one in that day.  Perfection may reside in a brief interaction with a stranger in a shop that day.  I may see it in a rainbow, or a flower or a message on the Internet.  I may feel it in a prayer, or taste it in an apricot.  I may smell it in my Cedarwood oil or Nag Champa incense.  I may touch it in the soft fur of my sweet cat, Dusty, or hear it in her purr.  I may find it in laughter, tears of joy, an inspiring thought or a loving touch.  I may feel perfection through celebrating life in a million different ways. 

I call this night time question the Evensong Evocation.  Evoke means to call forth.  Evensong is my word for that quiet time at the end of day when I stop, notice the incredible beauty of my world and give thanks.  This question calls forth in me exquisite appreciation for the wonderful life I am living now.

So everyday of my life gets to be, by definition, perfect, just by phrasing the question in this way.  On a cosmic level, this is the Truth as I understand it anyway.  Every day is a perfect vibrational match to my thoughts and feelings.  By asking Life Enhancing Questions, I am deciding to focus on finding perfection each day, noticing it everywhere I go.  I know whatever I focus on expands.  Every day must become more perfect than the last as my understanding of the perfection of my life evolves.

I highly recommend finding ways to ask more Life Enhancing Questions every day.  

Morning Musing:  Where do I stand now, as I look ahead to this day?

Evensong Evocation:  In what way was this day perfect?