Conscious Quantumness

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I've written about aspects of quantum consciousness (or conscious quantumness) for many years.  In fact, when I discovered what the phrases meant to me from a space of greater awareness I went back and reread the book I wrote myself, A Gift of Vision, found elsewhere in full on this website, and found it is itself a book on conscious quantumness.  I wrote it all without even knowing the concept, much less the term.  Spirit didn't give me that term for it until August, 2001, when David created this website page on conscious quantumness.

I like conscious quantumness because it puts the awareness at the level of the individual who gets to choose, rather than describing states of consciousness that just exist in the Universe without individual awareness necessarily being present.

Here's the poem that flowed that sparked my first conscious understanding, although I'd been seeing visions that described the state for years before then.  I wrote this in 1994.

I Believe,
You are a quantum being
Of limitless potential,
Unbounded by time and space.
If I look for you,
I will always find you.
But when I am not looking,
You may be somewhere else entirely.
For you are a pigment of my perception,
As I am of yours.
Together we form
The brilliant and harmonious
Rainbow of God's love.

What I began to recognize, when I saw that my own book is about quantum being-ness, is that all of life is a hologram.  ALL books are about quantum being-ness, when read from the quantum wave space rather than the particle space.  It is more a function of where they are read from, rather than where they were written from, that creates the observation that forms the measurable perception in a particular moment.

When I really got into it, I realized that wave/particle sounds like duality, an either/or state.  But light exists simultaneously as the potential for waves or particles and only takes a definite measurable form when it is observed.  Since I believe we are light, then it is only *our* observation of ourselves in different forms that determine which form we are in at the time.  It's not a question of either/or.  We are always both, but our observation makes us more or less either at any one moment in time.  I believe that in their observation of us, others can encounter us in either form, too, independent of how we are observing ourselves, but that is speculative.

When we talk about being in the flow, we are definitely talking of our wave state.  This is not something we need to aspire to be.  It is something we already are.  It just takes learning some new language to be able to describe and talk about it sensibly while writing within a more particular perspective like fingers on keyboards.

Love and hugs, ( a wave/particle duo if there ever was one...)


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