On the Borderline by Erik Balkey

written for Connee Chandler


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In April of 2007, I commissioned an amazing young poet/folk singer/songwriter, Erik Balkey, to write a song inspired by my vision called The Path from my book, A Gift of Vision.  To read this vision, click here. I am thrilled with his results and feel Erik really captured the essence of the story told by my vision in the following song.  I hope you like it. 

Erik has allowed me to make On the Borderline available in streaming audio on this website.  If you want to get a copy that is in MP3 format, please contact me, at connee22@verizon.net.  For now, my arrangement with Erik is that you can pay me $1 for the MP3 and I will pass all the proceeds on to Erik until he has the song available on CD in the future that can be downloaded from iTunes.

If you have a person, family history or other story that you would like Erik to write a song for you about, contact him via his website, www.erikbalkey.com.  I highly recommend his work, having been inspired to commission him myself based on 5 great songs I had heard him perform recently that he wrote for other people.

On The Borderline  by Erik Balkey, copyright 2007, all rights reserved

I feel like I've been crawling /  down the valley road
With all the baggage I'm hauling / wherever I go
Wherever I go
The road will make me work, and / it's the only one I know
My soul is heavy-burdened / it's time to let go
It's time to let go

   On the borderline... the woods in the dark land
   On the borderline... the valley of death
   On the borderline... I carry my burden
   On the borderline... I fight for my breath
   On the borderline... I start to wonder
   On the borderline... is it all in my head
   On the borderline... I'm buried under
   On the borderline... somebody said:
   "Stop, rest, look up, look up"

I wake up, I'm in a garden / the shackles let me go
A sky of rubies and diamonds / silver and gold
Silver and gold
In the valley of living / shades the color of love
If I am only dreaming / may I never wake up
Never wake up

   On the borderline... the verdant garden
   On the borderline... the beauty of life
   On the borderline... I lay down my burden
   On the borderline... I dance in the light
   On the borderline... the spirit is able
   On the borderline... you make your own way
   On the borderline... a valley of angels
   On the borderline... remember to say:
   "Stop, rest, look up, look up"

One foot in the garden / one foot in the dark
They give the gift of direction / if you open your heart
If you open your heart
The river keeps on flowing / and you can pass it along
Forever easy going / and the struggle is gone
The struggle is gone

   On the borderline... feeling the wonder
   On the borderline... learn to let go
   On the borderline... rise up with others
   On the borderline... the garden will grow
   On the borderline... the gift of perception 
   On the borderline... the power of choice
   On the borderline... the love that you let in
   On the borderline... remember the voice
   "Stop, rest, look up, look up"

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