"No one excluded or set to the side.

Each one supported, loved and supplied."

The Beloved, 2-4-10


Chatting with the Beloved

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Book 1 - You on Steroids

Book 2 - Radical Trust

Book 3 - Calling You to Your Next Best Move

Book 4 - Pratfalls and Special Effects

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I’ve been chatting with the Beloved since the summer of 2009, and sharing our conversation with several of my friends.  I see these chats will eventually become books that are publically available.  For now, excerpts from our conversations, chosen by my friends, are available on the web.  Here are some examples of what The Beloved is saying.  If you like these and want to subscribe to read more, send a blank email to belovedquotes-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  If you are asked why you want to subscribe, just mention that you saw this invitation on my website.  Thank you for your interest in The Beloved!

Love and hugs,


Heart Opening Moments…

You certainly can be at home with us wherever you are.  Tuning in to love brings you right home.  Opening up to loving relationship with us allows your growing awareness that you are not alone - we have always been here with you.

from We Bless You, Every One,  12.04.09

You have found inspiration in likely and unlikely places. You have been touched to tears and opened your heart again and again. It's not "someday" this will happen, Connee. It's now. It's you and all your friends, and so many other teachers, traditions and religions. Turning to love.  Turning to love. Turning to love.

We are so proud of you and all of you. Each heart that makes one choice and one choice and one choice adds up. The consciousness of humanity is moving into love more rapidly all the time. You are beautiful to behold, sweet girl. We love you. We love you all.


from Discovering Fire, 1.18.10


You, each of you, are a precious and vital part of our love.  Who you love, what you love and how you love is unique in all the world.  The more of you who focus on love and choose love magnifies the love actually in action in the world.

Our love is Infinite and Omnipresent.  The rocks, water and air vibrate with us easily.  But most people don't perceive us until another person shares their love…

People want to love!  Their hearts are longing to love.  The more love each of you who is gently connected to Infinite Love can pump out into the world, the more the scale of human consciousness tips toward love.  The more people love, the more love is recognizable and accessible to everyone.

We don't care if people know us specifically, C.  They can love football, sunsets, Sudoku puzzles and lavender.  As long as they are loving, we are evoked.

from There is No Hierarchy in Loving, 2.2.10


B:  We love you, C, and we never get angry or afraid.

C:  You don't ever feel afraid for us, B?

B:  No, sweet girl.  We see the big picture.  We see who you really are.
You are infinite and eternal life, currently expressing in human form.  The
infinite and eternal part of you is always fully residing in Power, Love,
Beauty and all the other Timeless Eternal Nouns.  We know that at any moment
you can turn to the Infinite part of yourself, which is part of us, and
wonderful things will happen to you.  Dreams come true ...

from Help is Available, 1-16-10


Your receiving us is as much a gift to us as it is to you, C. You are
worthy.  You have always been worthy.  The well-meaning people who taught
you to see yourself as unworthy were also worthy.  They just didn't know it,
so they taught you what they had been taught.

Fortunately, there are more and more people like you who choose to return to
the Source.  Your soul is the pure, clear, innocent, infinite and eternal
energy of you.  Your soul is incredibly beautiful, C.  Every one's is!  You
are what we are, essentially, infinitely and eternally.

Yet, in your local, human perspective, you are blind to your beauty.  You
have been taught to fear by fearful people.  They have done their very best
to give you the answers they believe are the very best.  They are love,
flowing flawlessly at the frequency of fear.

You are ready to release that filter of fear now.  We want you to don your
filter of grace.  We want the dawn of true seeing to light up your vision.
See the light!  See the love, the harmony, the beauty that is here.  See the
creativity, intelligence, abundance and peace.


from Immerse Yourself in the Vibration of Love, 1-5-10

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